OurQFace 1.0

Create funny humorous video or greeting e-card with your friend's face
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OurQFace ("Our-Cute-Face") software will automatically combine all your inputs into your own video file with sound within minutes! The face patterns will be replaced by your friend's face. Have fun with your friend by putting in his or her face, and send or share to everyone else! You can also send the video as Christmas or New Year greeting cards (electronic cards).
And finally you can make good use of your photographs of the wonders of the world taken with your digital cameras during your tours. Use your photos as the background!
If your friends are around, remember to take a few shots of their faces with your digital cameras also.
Need an unique video? For those of you who are more adventurous and creative, OurQFace software comes with a Video Template Editor to let you create your own unique video template or edit the existing video template. You can then share or sell your created video template!

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